happily ever after.

Quilt from (mostly) sewn

It’s time for the big reveal . . . the quilt is done! For the past year, many of you have been hearing about this quilt, which I’ve been working on as a wedding gift for my friend who just got married. In a castle. In Scotland. When you are invited to such a wedding, you just say, “Yes, I will be there.” And then you figure out the details.

Quilt from (mostly) sewn

Since it was my first quilt project, I wanted to give myself lots of time. Don’t get me wrong, it definitely didn’t take me a year to make. But it was really nice to just be able to work away at it bit by bit when I had time on weekends, rather than scrambling in the last few weeks leading up to the wedding.

The pattern was inspired by this quilt that caught my eye on Pinterest. All of the fabric was purchased from The Workroom, and they were really helpful with how much fabric I needed for the border and binding. I also watched a few video tutorials online (this one for the binding was particularly useful!). The entire quilt was done by machine, except for the final side of the binding, which I finished with an invisible stich by hand.

Quilt from (mostly) sewn

I’m definitely hooked on quilting and have already started to think about my next project . . . or two!


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