some like it hot.

Mug warmer from (mostly) sewn

I enjoy a hot cup of tea every now and then. So when my friend shared this adorable pattern for a mug warmer, I was on it. At the time, I was searching for simple knitting patterns that, unlike scarves, didn’t require a huge commitment. This pattern is easy to whip up in a night or two, and is great for the beginner knitter. I chose the checkerboard option for a little challenge and was really please with how it turned out. This was my first time knitting a buttonhole, so I found some additional guidance online.

The wool is baby Alpaca from Romni Wools, and the button is from Romni as well. I have since been back there to find more buttons like this, and sadly have been out of luck. So if you happen to come across them at some point, grab me one . . . or ten.

Mug warmer from (mostly) sewn


3 thoughts on “some like it hot.

    • I was following a pattern, but the I did find the sizing is a bit big for the average mug. I think if/when I do it again, I will take out a few rows after the initial increase (i.e., after the buttonhole).

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