the one-metre dress.

Dress from (mostly) sewn

When I was first learning to sew I snagged a bunch of vintage patterns from my mom. I loved this one right away for its simplicity – it’s the perfect summer dress! I loved it even more when I realized I could make it from one metre of fabric.

Dress from (mostly) sewn

The fabric is from the 2011 Nani Iro collection by designer Naomi Ito (100% cotton double gauze), purchased from the workroom. I decided to whip up the pattern in a cheaper fabric before making this one, and I’m really glad I did because I did need to make a few sizing modifications and was happy not to waste any of this pretty fabric.

This was my first time sewing in an elastic waistband. For sizing, I measured the elastic without any stretch around my waist and subtracted two inches. Then I threaded the elastic through the casing with a safety pin and simply stitched the ends together, rather than stitching along the entire elastic. Also, I learned that when you happen to cut the bottom of your dress along the selvage you don’t need to hem it. One less step … this is my kind of sewing! Note to self: always cut hems along the selvage from now on.


2 thoughts on “the one-metre dress.

  1. I want one! that’s my favourite summer dress shape! you could even make a tie belt out of the same fabric! though then it would perhaps use more than one metre. love it!

  2. I definitely want to make some modifications as a one-and-a-half-metre dress (thicker straps). Love the idea of a matching tie belt!

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