first post, first commission

Apron from (mostly) sewn

Welcome to (mostly) sewn! This is a little space that I’ve created to document and share the things I make – be they sewn, knit, or glued together. I came into sewing not too long ago after taking a course at The Sewing Studio, and I’ve been addicted to making things ever since. What I thought would be a handy skill has turned into a full-time hobby, and the more I immerse myself in DIY culture the more I get inspired to keep creating.

I thought it would be fitting for my first post to coincide with my first commission. My friend Ruth recently asked me to sew an apron as a wedding shower gift. (In exchange, she is making me dinner … can’t wait!) We took a fieldtrip to the workroom, one of my favourite places in Toronto, and after about three hours left with loads of gorgeous fabric. Ruth picked out this bird fabric that gives a whole new meaning to “put a bird on it.” Karen, the owner of the workroom, has such a good eye and helped picked out the coordinating red fabric for the ties.

Apron from (mostly) sewn

The pattern is Amy Butler’s Domestic Goddess Apron. I made this apron for myself back in December as one of my first big solo projects. The pleats are time consuming (the double-sided bodice has pleats on both sides), but there are no advanced skills required here. I’ve also made the half apron from the same pattern book, which is nice and simple. Although not always practical, I do love the half apron’s vintage flare. But I must admit that I love wearing aprons more than I love cooking in them. Maybe I should have taken a cooking class instead …


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